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Choose the best scooter for you

Best Kick Scooter for Kids – Buyer’s Guide

Who does’t like to ride a kick scooter? We all rode one when we were kids and it was really fun. A kick scooter is probably the first thing a growing kid learns to ride and roam on it around the neighborhood. Now, when we go to buy a scooter for our own kid or […]

Best Electric Scooter for Kids – Buyer’s Guide

You’ve probably heard about those new electric toys like hoverboards, electric scooters or electric bikes. You’ve probably also wondered if you should buy one of these ride-on toys for your kids. Electricity is everywhere in these days and batteries have improved a lot. So if you want to know more about electric scooters for kids […]

10 Best Kick Scooters for Adults – Buyer’s Guide

We all rode kick scooters when we were kids. They are fun to ride and also very effective as a short distance commuter. But hey, if you want a kick scooter now, you can definitely have one. They are eco-friendly, compact, and easy to ride. But there are a lot of kick scooters available in […]

Best Commuting Electric Scooter for Adults – Buyer’s Guide

Electric powered commuting devices like skateboards, hoverboards and scooters are taking over and changing the way people are commuting today. Instead of walking, we can hop on our little yet powerful toy and reach our destination faster and more conveniently. Best Electric Scooter for adults 2018 I know it is really difficult when we want […]