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Electric vehicle batteries: What types are used in different EVs?

With a limited supply of petroleum available, electric vehicles are in all likelihood the future of transportation. Already, a wide range of vehicles – from the high-end Tesla X all the way down to a simple electric scooter – are powered by batteries rather than gasoline or diesel. With electric vehicles, though, designing the batteries that power […]

Best Kick Scooter for Kids – Buyer’s Guide

Who does’t like to ride a kick scooter? We all rode one when we were kids and it was really fun. A kick scooter is probably the first thing a growing kid learns to ride and roam on it around the neighborhood. Now, when we go to buy a scooter for our own kid or […]

Best Electric Scooter with Seat – Buyer’s Guide

Electric motorized commuters like skateboards and kick scooters are getting very popular nowadays. People are switching to these eco-friendly options rather than getting a gasoline-hungry motorbike or a physically exhausting bicycle. Now for any product which is to be used daily, along with the technological aspect, the comfort of the rider is also a major […]

Best Electric Scooter for Kids – Buyer’s Guide

You’ve probably heard about those new electric toys like hoverboards, electric scooters or electric bikes. You’ve probably also wondered if you should buy one of these ride-on toys for your kids. Electricity is everywhere in these days and batteries have improved a lot. So if you want to know more about electric scooters for kids […]